Coffee of Madagascar

The heady aroma of roasting coffee wafts through the air around the village, particularly in the afternoon, when the women are busy roasting. Traditionally, coffee brewed in Madagascar is made from roasted coffee beans crushed using a mortar and pestle. The powder is then added to water and brought to the boil before being filtered … Continue reading Coffee of Madagascar

Mushonyi washing station and coffee farm. Rwanda

Mushonyi sector in Western province of Rwanda with elevation of 1825 m above sea level. My friend Bavugamenshi Léon was kind enough to come over to Lake Kivu where I am staying to get me to his place to see station and the farm. Their main buyer is Starbucks. In my understanding they grow red … Continue reading Mushonyi washing station and coffee farm. Rwanda

Women Grown Coffee. Rwanda

In 2013, Bloomberg Philanthropies and Sustainable Harvest partnered to create the Relationship Coffee Institute, a non-profit public benefit corporation committed to transforming the lives of rural, low-income women coffee farmers through training and market access. This is the women grown coffee cooperative located in Eastern part of Rwanda in Kayonza area about 3 hours away from … Continue reading Women Grown Coffee. Rwanda

Hibiscus Man of Rwanda

Hibiscus Man of Rwanda Meet the young and progressive future of Rwanda. This young barista trainee shows that not all young people move away from villages and countryside to big cities to pursue their carrier. He started his own hibiscus plantation with innovative approach to contribute further to the development of agriculture sector of Rwanda … Continue reading Hibiscus Man of Rwanda

Raising the bar of Ugandan coffee

"Mixing red and green coffee cherries together it's like giving abortion to baby before birth" - Kads Dison Uganda does produce the most incredible coffee that stands for quality and flavor that makes it unique and more approachable among coffee professionals. Coffees from Uganda recently started to dominate among baristas around the world who compete … Continue reading Raising the bar of Ugandan coffee

New coffee farms to visit this winter. Africa calling

I start preparing for my trip for this winter. I will be visiting some coffee farms in places I never been before and some I previously had pleasure to discover. This winter the road takes me back to African continent that I love with all my heart. The adventure would encompass not only coffee farms … Continue reading New coffee farms to visit this winter. Africa calling

Support school children in coffee farms of Rwanda

  Education is very important aspect in our life. Prosperity, success and great achievement is what makes young individuals to be the bright future of countrie's social and economic development. Without education and determination the doors to new challenges are vague. Education is power and power is victory. For this reason I am raising funds … Continue reading Support school children in coffee farms of Rwanda