Ena Galletti. The woman in coffee. Ecuador

In February 2016 I had a pleasure to meet the wonderful and powerful woman in the coffee industry of Ecuador. Her name is Ena Galletti. She runs her specialty coffee shops in the capital of Quito and also works with different coffee producers around Ecuador to select the best the country can offer for the … Continue reading Ena Galletti. The woman in coffee. Ecuador

Hacienda La Papaya. Ecuador

Hacienda La Papaya. Ecuador   Hacienda La Papaya located in the Saraguro region of Ecuador. Back in March 2016 I visited Hacienda La Papaya and based on that time I want to share with you the beauty of this farm. This is absolutely magnificent and well-organized farm I saw in Ecuador. Juan Francisco Peña Guillen … Continue reading Hacienda La Papaya. Ecuador